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An atelier, a creative workshop, a production studio where the input of more synergies creates design products, a synthesis of form and function.


The activity of the firm is oriented in different fields: programs and lines of furnishing accessories at different scale for domestic use, integrated programs for office and contract, set-ups for exhibition spaces, showrooms and fairs, planning for the outdoor.


The peculiarity of Studio Balutto is searching to insert the product in a correct balance between functionality and aesthetics, without losing sight of the most suitable materials.


The focus of the study is the 360-degree design, with the aim of constantly growing together with its customers: for the achievement of a common success, in the name of the search for form and function, as a transformation, in response to the multiple needs of life today.


As artists of matter, as shapers of forms, as researchers of a recognizable style.

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Adriano Balutto has always been a "designer of bestseller": he has founded Studio Balutto.

 Adriano has always given the studio an incredible effort of creativity and vitality, seasoned with a deep experience, consolidated over the years.

Values ​​added to his activity, are the knowledge of the history of design, the materials through continuous updating and, above all, the dynamics of industrial production. Countless projects for leading companies in the sector, the result of profound stylistic research and experience acquired from different parts of the world, have had the approval of the market that has deemed them "best sellers".


Adriano's activity has been repeatedly rewarded with prestigious awards at an international level and is constantly developing in search of new evolutionary and cultural trends, are able to stimulate a creativity that is constantly growing.

board member:


Architect and journalist. After the classical studies, she graduated in Architecture, (section A) at the University, Institute of Architecture in Venice (IUAV).

In exercising the activity, she deepens her interest in design with different experiences in Italy and above all abroad. For some years she has been collaborating with Studio Balutto Associati, a "family" firm, dedicated to design, committed to developing new forms, stylistic strategies for industrial production and marketing for leading companies in the furniture, residential and contract sectors.

Veronica has worked on design projects for new interior design lines: from the handle to the complete design of the furnishings. She has followed different and many projects of communication, coordinated image and setting of exhibition and exhibition spaces. The continuous research and updating, from ideas, disciplines and different sources, are, for her, matter of "vital energy".

Architect, she has specialized in green issues and fields of eco-sustainability in design, architecture (eg Leed Certifications), and lifestyle (fashion and cosmetics field).

She followed the conception, organization, fund rising and curating of numerous art and design exhibitions in Italy and abroad: among the most demanding experiences, exhibitions in Udine - Luigi Rocca, Venice (Jewish Museum) - Giorgio Celiberti and St. Petersburg (Russian Federation), at the Kammenostrovsky Theater - opening event of one of the Federation's most important theaters, just opposite of Mr Putin’s villas.

Close to the themes related to nature, ecology and sustainability, she is interested in a transversal way, to all the forms of art.

Since 2006 she is also a journalist. She writes about architecture, design and lifestyle (cosmetics and fashion) for many national and international newspapers and magazines.

Adriano Balutto


"architect"by heart

Veronica Balutto


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